Dear God

Dear God,

My heart is burdened. My eyes fill with tears everyday I wake up. I wake up to this nightmare everyday. To some ,this nightmare may mean nothing to them, but it means a lot to me, because I used to live this life.

For a long time females have been displayed and treated as sexual symbols. The world tells us that our value is in our bodies. So many chase after the “perfect image” to be loved and accepted.
However, this “perfect image” is blurred to me. I’m skinny and I have always thought that the “perfect image” was curvy and big figure, for I was bullied a lot for my skinny figure. However to many curvy and big women the “perfect image” is a skinny figure.

Along side the perfect image is the fashion that the media encourages us females to wear. There are female celebrities who wear little clothing. Some even wearing see through clothes. Also the main dress code for women in music videos is mainly underwear or swimsuits or bikinis.

When the camera passes over women in the music videos, the main features shown are: legs, bum and breasts. I mean in the song ‘Wiggle, wiggle’ there is even an ice sculpture of a women’s body with no head! At the beginning of this music video, Jason Derulo is lying on a bed with a great amount of women.

Is this a women’s value, to serve, to entertain and to please men?

Sadly many live by this value. I used to as well, but You showed me that a woman’s value is more than her body. A woman’s value is in their heart.

I look at my generation and see how they are affected by the world’s sexual exploitation of females. I see girls with profile pictures in their underwear, naked or with little clothing. I even see girls walk on the streets with little clothing.

I’ve seen girls who respect themselves and dress modestly be degraded by boys, because they like the girls’ figures. I’ve heard many girls tell me that they have been raped. Some still haven’t gotten justice.

I used to think it was shameful being a female, because I believed the enemy’s lies that we are vulnerable, weak and sexual symbols to serve men. However You proved to me that they were just lies. For this isn’t a physical or sexual battle. This is a spiritual battle. Therefore seeing as You are the sovereign God- highest in rank-, You have power and authority over the enemy. The enemy is limited to what he can do because of You – Job 1: 6-12.

Your sincerely,



I pray LORD, that you’ll free females who live their lives believing that their value is in their bodies in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Life is precious!


Life is a story that must be told. However, life is full of setbacks, mountains and trials, that we must face to inspire others.

Life is hard, but we must not give up! Even though situations and problems seem to cave in on us, instead of surrendering to them, fight and overcome them. For your story could be the one thing, that keeps someone alive.

Look at some of the great leaders and inspirations: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela. These great leaders and inspirations faced mountains, set backs and trials, and they used it to inspire others and to change the world. For they saw a, country a nation and a world in need. They knew that on the other side of their trials, mountains and setbacks, that they would have a story to tell.

You could be the next leader, President, activist, musician, athlete, lawyer, shop keeper, cleaner or business women or man, to make a change to someone’s life and this world. For each mountain, trial and setback that we face, are great features in our life stories, that inspire others to continue to face another day.

So climb the mountains, and overcome the setbacks, for on the other side there are thousands of people waiting to hear your story. Who long to listen to your struggles and be to be inspired, and to hear how you overcame your setbacks and mountains. You could be the next inspiration in someone’s life.

So when you face a mountain, don’t back down. For there are people out there who need to hear your story!

Your story could be the one thing that inspires someone to face another day, another setback and another mountain.

Your life is a story that must be told.