Just my thoughts

Stop selling your self,
leave your past on the shelf.
Don’t let what happened to you,
get the better of you.
Walk away from who you used to be,
embrace the new you and be free.

Leave black behind you and embrace white,
cause you’ll find red in the purest of white.
For love is the key to unlocking joy,
So leave black behind before you destroy,
The white, the red in you that people enjoy.

Inner man

I dislike you for what you’ve done, for although you thought it was fun,you hurt a lot of people. You ruined lives, and created fear in us, and now you’re angry as people discuss, what you did to those girls, as you destroyed apart of their world, of happiness, of joy, for you treated them as a toy.

You played your best cards, to win their hearts, You chose your victims from the very start. Now, I’m not you, i don’t know what was going on in your mind, but actions speak louder than words, so I know I’m not blind. For when I rewind, back to the day I first met you, You acted like a normal guy so I had no clue, of the true you.

It makes me sick to think about the things that I know, of how you touched those girls, to get down below. The fear that must of beaten in their hearts, For didn’t you know that this is just the start, of them having to rebuild their inner man, From your actions that originated from a plan, to intimidate girls to have sex with you, How does it feel to see the past catching up with you.

YES, I don’t like you for what you’ve done But this is God’s battle to be won! For I know that He has a plan for you, You’ll go through hardships but He’ll see you through. Yes you’ve done bad, but haven’t we all? I just hope and pray you don’t reject God’s call. He will shape and mold you into a great man, That you won’t recognise yourself, for you’ll be greater than, the man you visioned yourself to be, before you knew that through Christ you can be free. From the devil, from sin, for with Christ you will win, every trial that comes your way, hold on boy, for tomorrow will be a brighter day.

You can not hide

You thought you covered your footsteps so well,
until someone had the confidence to tell you,
the truth, the reality, that changed your mentality,
from the bubble that you created to block out guilt,
from the actions that you committed and the fear that you built,
in your victims.

You thought you were free from the past,
but now we know who you are, it’s like your an outcast.
For we know the true identity of your heart,
And boy I know this is where we depart.
For I shall not, I will not be your next victim,
For there is a Voice within me,
that told me to avoid you,
because your dangerous and that’s the truth.

So boy, don’t think you can get away with what you’ve done,
For their is a God who sees all and knows all,
and the battle is His to be won.

I’m like you now, I’m hiding

I’m like you now, I’m hiding,
hiding from the mistakes that I made,
but I know one day I’ll have to come out of the shade,
and deal with the mistakes that I made.
For I did it, I said it and I shouldn’t had,
But I did and I know the consequences maybe bad.
There is no one else to blame but me,
But I’m looking forward to the day that I’ll be free, to truly be me.

I’m sorry for what I said, but I can’t change the past,
but know that I’m dealing with my problem at last.
The problem of me not being wise in certain situations,
so that I avoid certain complications.

I feel stupid looking back at the circumstance,
but there is nothing that can be done to give me a chance,
to resolve this situation, to change the past,
all I can do is pray and fast.

The effect of mistakes

You see sometimes honesty is not the best policy,
a flip of a famous cliche, but one that can help in reality.
For if we refuse to be wise, things can end tragically.
We can lose friends and even family,
and this stage of our life won’t end happily.
If we expose some truth that we’re not supposed to,
it will come back and bite you.
For I said too much and can’t take it back,
I’m stuck with my mistakes, like paper and blu tack.


I ask myself am I a good friend again and again,
whether the friendships that I have are in vain.
As I refuse to use wisdom in certain situations,
I feel I have to shut off all communications.
To protect those that I love, that trust in me,
So I can keep my mouth shut to set them free, from me.

I know we all make mistakes but I am tired of mine,
I can’t erase the past or go back in time.
I’d rather be someone that no one knew,
a wish that I know will never come true.
Don’t trust me because I don’t trust myself,
I’m leaving all that I know on the shelf.
Whatever is to come out of my mistakes,
I’d rather face it than create an earthquake,
Because I was stupid and told some truth,
For I don’t want my mistakes to be the proof,
of why no one should trust me, for I don’t trust myself!

I can’t imagine

I can’t imagine what you went through,
when he did what he did to you.
Scenes play in my mind,
of me being in your position if I refuse to be wise in this situation.
It hurts me to imagine what he did to you,
and the pain you went through after he made your skies grey instead of blue.
I assume you had no fear of him before you knew,
the true heart of this boy.

I assume he was friendly to you like he has been to me,
I assume you trusted him as a friend.
He was so clever to cover his steps,
that you did not see what was around the bend.

I can’t imagine and I don’t want to imagine when he first laid his hands on you.
It sickens me to think what someone can do,
when they let their selfishness affect you.
The fear that would of filled your heart as he held you down,
the betrayal you must had felt as mercy was buried beneath the ground.
The amount of anger and despair that must had boiled in your soul,
While darkness embraced you, as you felt him in your hole.

Just writing this brings tears to my eyes,
for this boy’s friendly attitude is a bunch of lies.
Every time I see him I greatly despise,
what he did to you.
For this boy covers up his steps so well,
that those who never knew his past could never tell,
that this boy is dangerous,
And must be avoided!

So tell me little girl why do you insist to talk to him,
for you know, very well, that their is a voice within,
that tells you to stay away!
So stay away!

Life is precious!


Life is a story that must be told. However, life is full of setbacks, mountains and trials, that we must face to inspire others.

Life is hard, but we must not give up! Even though situations and problems seem to cave in on us, instead of surrendering to them, fight and overcome them. For your story could be the one thing, that keeps someone alive.

Look at some of the great leaders and inspirations: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela. These great leaders and inspirations faced mountains, set backs and trials, and they used it to inspire others and to change the world. For they saw a, country a nation and a world in need. They knew that on the other side of their trials, mountains and setbacks, that they would have a story to tell.

You could be the next leader, President, activist, musician, athlete, lawyer, shop keeper, cleaner or business women or man, to make a change to someone’s life and this world. For each mountain, trial and setback that we face, are great features in our life stories, that inspire others to continue to face another day.

So climb the mountains, and overcome the setbacks, for on the other side there are thousands of people waiting to hear your story. Who long to listen to your struggles and be to be inspired, and to hear how you overcame your setbacks and mountains. You could be the next inspiration in someone’s life.

So when you face a mountain, don’t back down. For there are people out there who need to hear your story!

Your story could be the one thing that inspires someone to face another day, another setback and another mountain.

Your life is a story that must be told.